flat-jack® tyre pillow camper


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Tire width (mm)
Product number: 426032833 004 3

Tyre pillows for camper vans – the flat-jack® camper 

Easily lift your vehicle by up to 6 centimeters. The camper tyre pillows lift campervans up to 6 tons.

As soon as you arrive at the campsite the drama begins: Support – jack up – stabilize with leveling wedges, support systems or crank supports. One person points in, one starts up – and in the end, half a centimeter is still missing so that the water won't drain from the sink and shower. That doesn't have to happen in the future! We put an end to camping frustration – with the strong tire air cushion camper! 

High quality material & first class workmanship

Inside materialPU/PUR membrane
Innenkonstruktion speziell für Campingfahrzeuge 
Outside materialPU/Nylon braid-reinforced
High quality valve
Operating pressure 0,6 - 1,2 bar / 8,8 to 17 psi
Maximum pressure1,2 bar / 17 psi
High load capacityfor vehicles up to 6t 
double-walled high frequency welded 
Sizes available Tire width up to 255mm: camper
Compensation heightup to 6 cm: camper
Compensation hight is depending on the weight 

For inflating a mini-compressor is sufficient. Please clear space of sharp objects or stones before use (or place protection underneath).  Please cover pillow in case of intense exposure to sunshine.

Patented membrane and chamber concept

All flat-jack® tire air cushions have a double-walled structure. The inner membranes are used for maximum tightness and the outer shell is responsible for longevity and dimensional stability.
Thanks to differently dimensioned chambers, optimal adaptation to almost any tire contour is achieved. The camper version has an interior structure specially designed for heavy vehicles (camper vans, caravans). Campers can therefore easily be entered with the tire pillows underneath.

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