flat-jack® for Automobiles und Caravans

For level adjustment on a camping holiday

Our bestseller: the flat-jack® tire pillows camper and camper 2.0 for caravans and motorhomes

Who doesn't know the situation at the campsite? The fiasco begins as soon as you arrive at the parking lot: Support – jack up – stabilize with leveling wedges, support systems or crank supports. One person points in, one drives the caravan – and in the end, half a centimeter is still missing so that the water won't drain from the sink. Stress and anger are inevitable. That's why you will find our answer to the most important of all camper questions here: "How do I avoid arguments with my spouse on a camping holiday?":
Reifenkissen evolution gel von Flat-Jack

Gel instead of air - our new one for every day

Tire cushions taken one step further: the evolution gel - The flat-jack® gel alternative for daily use

The evolution of our tyre air pillows! The flat-jack® evolution gel is our "ready-to-use" solution for daily use. Forget about the compressor and air pump – just slide on and off the gel cushions. Sports car and classic car drivers are thrilled, because nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous jaunt.

The best protection against flat spots

Park your vehicle on flat-jack® tire air cushions. The best protection against tire damage.

All classic cars, collectors' cars or sports cars that are not driven over the winter are threatened with flat spots. To prevent this from happening, there is only one solution: The entire vehicle weight must be distributed over the largest possible contact area. The flat-jack® tire air cushion increases the contact area by more than five times and at the same time relieves chassis tensions.
Sportwagen Reifen schonen  mit Flat-Jack Luftkissen

Best protection from flat spots: Get on the air cushion

To avoid flat spots there is actually only one sensible solution: to distribute the entire vehicle weight over the largest possible support surface. With the flat-jack® tire air cushions, the contact area of the tires is increased by more than five times. The thermal decoupling from the ground also helps to ensure that the tire rubber is less exposed to temperature fluctuations.

Unique: side forces that tension the chassis are released

The biggest difference to frequently used foam cushions is the freedom of movement that the air cushions give your vehicle. Chassis tension can dissolve to the side on our flexible air cushions. This relieves the load on the suspension and bearings. A valuable contribution to maintaining the value of your vehicle.

High-tech material and workmanship – Made in Germany

With its innovative membrane and chamber concept, the flat-jack® tire air cushion beats everything that came before. The double-walled membrane ensures maximum tightness as well as dimensional stability and durability. The differently dimensioned chambers enable optimal adaptation to every tire contour. This increases the contact area and the contact pressure is effectively reduced and distributed better.

Drive up – inflate – done!

Your air cushion parking lot – it's that easy:

  • Prepare a clean, horizontal surface
  • Lay out empty Flat-Jack®  air pillows in front of or behind all wheels 
  • Push the vehicle onto the uninflated flat-jack® tire air cushions 
  • Inflate flat-jack® axially until the vehicle is completely decoupled from the ground, screw on valve caps

flat-jack Reifenluftkissen - auffahren, aufpumpen, fertig
flat-jack Reifenluftkissen - auffahren, aufpumpen, fertig
flat-jack Reifenluftkissen - auffahren, aufpumpen, fertig