• air pillow for camping vehicles - flat jack

        Our bestseller:
    Tyre pillows for camping vehicles

    for tyre width up to 305 mm (version camper 2.0)

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  • flat-jack evolution gel - for every day

        flat-jack® thinking-ahead:
    evolution gel

    NEW: the gel tyre pillow for every day

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  • Tyre protection stopping flat spots

        The perfect tyre protection with
    flat-jack ® air pillows

    For vintage cars, sports cars and campervans

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  • air pillows - relief for car chassis

    flat-jack ® air pillows
    relief for the car chassis

    Suspension and bearings are absorbed by using the flexible air pillows

  • caring for tyres and chassis of valuable vehicles

    flat-jack® means caring

    Tyre air pillows for car showrooms, car dealers, individuals and museums.

air pillows protect from flat spots

No more flat-spots for caravans and campers

Our bestseller: the flat-jack® air pillows camper and camper 2.0 for caravans or campers.

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gel tyre pillow for every day use

Gel instead of air: our pillow for every day

Our development for every day use: the gel tyre pillow evolution gel  for your sportscar.

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Buy the best tyre protection for your car

Our classic: air pillow for oldtimers

The best protection for your oldtimer: flat-jack® air pillows - proven for years - made in Bavaria

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Our bestseller: flat-jack for camper vans




The flat-jack®  versions camper and camper 2.0 for camper vans or vehicles with higher weight

Best used as levelling system on uneven ground:
>>> Levelling aid up to 20 cm / 7,87 inch is no problem!
>>> High load capacity - for vehicles up to 6t!

flatjack Reifenkissen Camper Plus
World novelty - get to know it now!