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Tire cushion taken one step further: the evolution gel

The flat-jack® alternative for every day

Originally, the flat-jack® was developed as a tire air cushion against flat spots on tires for vintage cars, sports cars and seasonal vehicles. The idea was that these vehicles would be driven to their "air parking lot" in autumn and then start the season again in spring with the best possible protection for their tires. The users were thrilled. Nevertheless, the desire of vehicle enthusiasts to have tire cushions that are easy to use in everyday use has increasingly reached us. Filling and emptying the air should be omitted. This is how the evolution gel came about.

The tire gel cushion is "ready-to-use"

The pillow filled with gel is a "ready-to-use" solution. Simply place it in front of the tires, drive up, done! Do you fancy a joyride? Leave, done! No preparation is needed for a spontaneous excursion. When you return, simply drive your car back onto the tire gel cushions, done!
Inside materialPU/PUR membrane
patented gel filling
Outside materialPU/PUR braid reinforced
Maximum loadverified up to 2,5 t per tyre pillow
double-walled high frequency welded
Ground clearanceat least 12cm / 4,72 inch
Sizes availableSize S: tyre width up to 195mm 
Size M: tyre width 205 to 255mm 
Size L : tyre width 265 to 345mm 

Before use, please free the ground from sharp objects or stones or use a mat to protect the tire gel cushion.

Patented membrane and chamber concept

The flat-jack® tire gel cushion has a double-walled structure. The inner membranes are used for maximum tightness and the outer shell is responsible for longevity and dimensional stability.
Thanks to its differently dimensioned chambers, the flat-jack® enables optimal adaptation to every tire contour. Different shaped partition walls inside the flat-jack® ensure that the vehicle can be moved sideways. Lateral forces are effectively reduced and tension in the vehicle is compensated.

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