• Tire protection stopping flat spots

    The perfect tire protection with
    flat-jack ® air pillows

    For vintage cars, sports cars and campervans

  • air pillows - relief for car chassis

    flat-jack ® air pillows
    relief for the car chassis

    Suspension and bearings are absorbed by using the flexible air pillows

  • caring for tires and chassis of valuable vehicles

    flat-jack® means caring

    Tire air pillows for car showrooms, car dealers, individuals and museums.

  • air pillow for camping vehicles - flat jack

      Tyre pillows for camping vehicles

    • for tyre width up to 275 mm (version camper plus)
    • levelling height up to 12 cm

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air pillows protect from flat spots

Long periods of standing still damage tires

Deformation of the material of a tire and flat spots are a result from long periods of standing still of a vehicle. flat-jack® air pillows offer the perfect protection.

flat-jack® advantages

effective tyre protection for oldtimers

Effective tire protection is very simple

Why not use rubber foam? Intensive testing with different materials has proven that the flat-jack® air pillows had the highest results in preventing flat spot problems.

How to use flat-jack ®

Buy the best tyre protection for your car

Your automotive treasure deserves the best treatment

We love valuable vehicles. You too? Your vintage car deserves a long and carefree life!

How to buy the flat-jack®

NEW: flat-jack® for camping vehicles

The flat-jack®  editions CAMPER and CAMPER PLUS, are especially designed for mobile homes and can also be used as levelling aid.
New test result by RMI 8/2015: "SEHR GUT"

World novelty - get to know it now!